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armadillo holes in yard

Florida ACM are experts at armadillo removal and trapping. Have you ever walked out your front door in the morning and seen a dozen holes in your yard? You most likely have armadillos.

Sometimes you will see an armadillo. But, you can tell you have an armadillo because of holes appearing in your yard. They dig large, “coffee can” sized holes, known as rooting, which are generally where they will live. They also dig smaller, golf-ball to tennis ball sized holes around the yard where the armadillos search for food. These smaller holes are typically in areas covered with mulch, or in dirt or sand.

Armadillo Removal and Trapping

A single armadillo may create and maintain up to 12 burrows within its territory (approximately 1 mile). These burrows will get deeper and longer during every visit until they reach about 7 feet deep and 25 feet long. Left alone, tunnels like these can essentially become small sinkholes under air conditioner pads, pool decks, or foundations. These extensive tunnels make it very tricky to effectively trap the armadillos on your own.

Armadillo Removal

Armadillo removal and trapping them from your yard is the only solution for armadillo removal. While your natural instinct may be to plug or cover the holes this can actually cause more harm to your property. Armadillos will simply dig to another area of your yard.

If you notice these types of holes please call us right away. The digging can cause your air conditioner pad or even your foundation to shift and this can result in an expensive fix. ACM offers comprehensive services to trap and remove a nuisance armadillo from your yard or home. We offer humane trapping services for customers experiencing problems with any wild animals on their property.

Various diseases are associated with armadillos. The bacterium leprae can infect the animal, this is the bacteria which causes leprosy. Armadillos can carry rabies. But since rabies is contacted by humans through the bite of an animal, rabies is a low risk to humans because armadillos rarely bite. If you are experiencing an armadillo infestation, you can count on us to resolve the problem for you. Florida Animal Control Management will safely capture and remove an armadillo who has burrowed under the foundation of your home.

Removing an armadillo from your yard

Armadillos will dig holes under your air conditioning pad, sheds, or even your foundation to create a shelter. Armadillos are commonly known for digging under your air conditioning pad, your home and in your yard. While you will see holes in your yard, what you may not see are the holes going under your house.

Covering the holes will make it difficult to find where they are. And typically, your only causing more damage because they simply burrow more holes in other areas of your yard. Removing armadillos is the only effective means to truly keep them from further damaging your yard or home.

Do moth balls work to get rid of armadillos?

Armadillo repellent and deterrents are useless, we’ve had costumers call and tell us they’ve been using moth balls and they keep finding them laying outside of the den, the armadillo problem can only be solved by trapping and removal.

Of the more than ten species of armadillo found worldwide, the nine-banded armadillo is the only one in North America. It has moved up into the states through Mexico and Central America from South America and is now commonly found throughout more than half of the country. They’re an invasive species and are unable to be relocated in Florida. Considered a “medium-sized” mammal, armadillos typically grow 25-42 inches long and weigh 5.5 to 14 lbs but can be found up to 22 lbs.

Aside from damage to property, armadillos are the only animal, other than humans, that are known carriers of leprosy. Leprosy, or Hansen’s Disease, is a seriously debilitating ailment and, albeit rare, more than half of new cases are found in the states of California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York and Texas. The good news is regardless of which the situation that may be causing you distress, Florida ACM is capable of quickly determining your problem and effectively solving it. Armadillos can cause a surprising amount of damage to suburban lawns, golf courses and agricultural sites. As they search for insects to eat, these animals plow up a large amount of ground every night. Plants are uprooted. Trees die because of damaged root systems. Sidewalks buckle and break. Even home foundations can be disturbed or breached by these strong animals.

What will Armadillo damage to do to my property value?

Armadillos generally disturb only the appearance of a property, reducing salability and embarrassing and frustrating the owners.

There are, however, some examples of extensive damage, including cracked foundations. This damage can run thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. An armadillo infestation can get costly, many armadillo removal companies will charge you while only removing one animal.

Florida ACM’s armadillo removal and prevention process is a three step process. First, we come and do an evaluation to determine the scale of your armadillo problem. Then we set live armadillo traps. Once we catch the armadillos we humanely remove them to a wild area away from your home. Last we set up our armadillo prevention. We seal the den once all the armadillo trapping is finished and they have been removed in a proper armadillo cage. Our technicians are experts at armadillo removal. We will evaluate your problem, locate the armadillo burrows, live-trap and remove the armadillos and then help to clean up the mess and odor the armadillos leave behind. Our services address all aspects of armadillo problems, from odor to bio-hazards, and will leave your property safe for you and your family.

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