About Animal Control Management

Do you have a Squirrel, Rat or Raccoon living in your Attic or crawlspace? We can help. Animal Control Management specializes in wild animal removal including Rat Removal, Squirrel Removal, Raccoon Removal and Removal of All Nuisance Animals anywhere in central Florida.

About Animal Control Management

At Florida ACM we specialize in the humane removal of nuisance wildlife in Central Florida. We handle all types of animal removal and exclusion using such state of the art materials and techniques that we have the confidence to place a warranty behind our work.

We’re a company that takes a lot of pride in the quality of the services we perform and strive for complete customer satisfaction. Most pest control companies that perform rat removal and exclusion use materials and methods that are not permanent or aesthetically pleasing. While this may save some money initially, they act only as a temporary fix.

We are environmentally sensitive, and refuse to use poisons of any kind that can make the problem even worse and may cause harm to family and pets. If you are looking for a permanent solution for wild animal removal or to set an appointment to go over your needs and the ways we can solve them, please feel free to call us for further assistance.

The History of ACM

What makes ACM unique in our industry however, is our highly qualified field staff. With over a half-century of combined experience, our field technicians have the best training, materials and support staff to offer customers unmatched service. Our corporate office operates in a wide variety of support roles with the primary task of ensuring each customer interaction is stress free.

From the beginning in the central Florida area, ACM spread its wings to cover the majority of the populated areas on the east coast of Florida, from the central Florida area, including Daytona Beach, Orlando and the Space Coast, south through Brevard County and north to Jacksonville.