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Animal Control Provides

ACM offers comprehensive services to remove nuisance animals and wild animals from the attic or interior of home and businesses. In addition, we offer humane animal trapping services for customers experiencing problems with wild animals on their property. Common animal species we specialize in include:

Rats  • Mice • Squirrels • Vulture • Raccoons  • Opossums • Skunks • Bats • Snakes • Armadillos • Pigs/Hogs • Bobcats  • Otters • Fox  • Nutria  • Beaver • Pigeons  • Ducks • Iguana • Coyotes • Alligator

Other ACM Services

Animal Capture • Animal Removal • Exclusion Barriers • Damage Repairs • Property Services • Noises In Walls or Attic • Emergencies • Odor Control • Dead Animal Removal • Wildlife removal • Attic Decontamination • Pest Control

Exclusion Services

Perhaps the most important service we provide is our ability to prevent animals from returning to your home or business. We accomplish this by making structural repairs or additions to remove the opportunity for animals to enter a building. In cases where animals have already taken up residence, our biological clean-up process will eliminate the scent markings animals use to communicate, thus removing any attraction for future animals to find ways to enter a contaminated space.

Our exclusion repairs are considered to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing services in our industry and are constantly evolving as technological advances make more options available.

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