Bunnell Wild Animal Removal Services in Flagler County

ACM provides comprehensive wild animal removal services in Bunnell to remove nuisance animals and unwanted wild animals from the attic or interior of homes and businesses. In addition, we offer humane animal trapping services for customers in Bunnell having problems with wild animals on their property.

Bunnell Squirrel Removal Services

If you have squirrels in your Bunnell attic, you will typically only have one family inside. A dominant male and female will keep other squirrels away while they are nesting. Humane trapping is one method that we use to remove squirrels in Bunnell. Another squirrel removal method that we use is deterrents to persuade them to move out on their own. When the squirrels leave they will take their baby squirrels with them. If we trap the adult squirrels, we will remove the babies by hand to either reunite the family or take the babies to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator near Bunnell for care and eventual release.

Bunnell Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal from your attic, roof or yard is especially important in Bunnell where they will prey on small domestic animals and on crops. Raccoons in Bunnell are usually active at night, leave large trails within the attic insulation, and often leave some form of damage to their entry point that can be easily viewed from the outside. They often have 3-5 babies which we will remove and transport to a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator near Bunnell.

Bunnell Possum Removal Services

ACM offers comprehensive services to remove nuisance possums from the attic or the inside of Bunnell homes and businesses. In addition, we offer humane possum trapping services in Bunnell for customers experiencing problems with possums on their property.

Bunnell Snake Removal

Most people in Bunnell dread snakes and any sign of them can send people into a panic. The vast majority of snakes that we deal with in Bunnell are non-venomous, however, we take special care if we are dealing with a venomous snake. The most common indicator that someone in Bunnell has a snake problem is seeing the snake. But, often you will see the shed skin that tells you a snake is nearby.

Certain species of snakes in Bunnell will enter the attic or crawlspace of someone who also has a mouse or rat problem. Snakes and rats go hand in hand. If you fall into the category, like most in Bunnell, Florida, of not knowing a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake, it’s best to call Animal Control Management in Bunnell to take care of the problem.

Bunnell Rat and Mouse Removal Services

ACM of Bunnell offers comprehensive natural extermination services to remove nuisance rats and mice from your Bunnell attic, home and business. Plus, the most important service we provide for Bunnell customers is preventing the rats and mice from returning. In addition, we offer humane trapping services and rat abatement for Bunnell customers experiencing problems with wild animals on their property.